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    Yuhao Zhou is a master student at Mobile Robotics Laboratory, the University of Tokyo supervised by Prof. Jun Ota. Before that, he studied at the School of EEE, Nanyang Technological University and the Department of ECE, Northeastern University.

    He did his Bachelor at Jet Power and Humanoid Robot Lab, Guangdong University of Technology supervised by Prof. Zhifeng Huang. He graduated from Chengdu Shude High School.

    His research interests include but not limited to robotics and deep learning.
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    Zhifeng Huang, Zijun Wang, Jiapeng Wei, Jingtao Yu, Yuhao Zhou, Pihao Lao, Xiaoliang Huang, Xuexi Zhang & Yun Zhang
    Three-Dimensional Posture Optimization for Biped Robot Stepping over Large Ditch Based on a Ducted-Fan Propulsion System

    IROS 2020 [Paper] [Video]
    Covered by: [IEEE Spectrum] [GDUT News]

    Preprints (* denotes equal contribution)

    Yuhang Li*, Yuhao Zhou*, Junbing Huang, Zijun Wang, Shunjie Zhu, Kairong Wu, Li Zheng, Jiajin Luo, Rui Cao, Yun Zhang & Zhifeng Huang
    Design of a Flying Humanoid Robot Based on Thrust Vector Control

    arXiv 2021 [Paper] [Video]
    Covered by: [IEEE Spectrum] [GDUT News] [机器之心]



    Love traveling alone (been to 11 countries) / Photography / Chinese calligraphy.
    Speak Mandarin, Sichuanese, English, a little Japanese and Cantonese.